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THE INTERFAITH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY was founded in 1997 by Dr. Beverly Lanzetta to cultivate understanding and peace through a deepening of our spirituality as individuals and as a global community. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit institute, Interfaith Theological Seminary is dedicated to the training and ordination of Interfaith Contemplative Ministers.

Founded to provide the contemplative atmosphere of the monastic setting in a modern, interfaith context, the Seminary is modeled on the classical ideal in which study of sacred texts and the transmission of spiritual practices are imparted through personal mentoring by those who have lived deeply the meditative life.

Courses offer study and practice of the world’s sacred texts and traditions, and training in spiritual guidance and interfaith healing ministries. The Seminary views Interfaith Ministry as a life-long spiritual practice devoted to compassion, peace, and loving-kindness toward all beings. In order to provide an intellectual and spiritual atmosphere faithful to this ideal, learning follows an integrative program of scholarly and spiritual study; contemplative practice; and community service.

With a global spiritual perspective in philosophy and practice, Interfaith Theological Seminary draws from the collective memory of the world’s religions as a vehicle to enrich one’s own tradition, and as a foundation for those who feel called to a spiritual life outside denominational or religious boundaries. We hold that it is a sacred task or dharma today to forge an interfaith spirituality that is inclusive of all life, socially responsible, and deeply nonviolent.

Like the spiritual guilds and monastic traditions of the West, or the ashram, zendo, and sangha from the East, the Seminary serves as a refuge in which a person may find silence, in-depth study of spiritual wisdoms, support and guidance on the journey of faith, and the joy of sharing in a community search for sanctity and love.

Ordination as an Interfaith Contemplative Minister acknowledges the call many have to affirm a spiritual foundation to their vocation, whether they serve as clergy, physicians, health-care providers, counselors, educators, or in other aspects of community work.

“No world peace without peace among religions;

no peace among religions without

dialogue between religions.”

Hans Kung

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